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The Gluten Friendly Waffle Cone

3 Years in the Making

Cydney recalls her first buying’s of miscellaneous Gluten-Free baked items for her own house hold as far from promising. Mostly, they just fell apart on their own and then anything on the market for cones was extremely hard. With so many gluten alternative flours emerging on the market, it was going to be good old trial and error that was going to give us the best chance at narrowing down our options.

Research and Development

We got three generations together in Farmor, (Danish for Grandma – Father’s Mother) Inge Rasmussen’s kitchen! Cydney, Ellen and Inge dug out one of King Cone’s old table top baking irons and spent a winter testing over dozens of different Gluten Free flours. With many laughs and a lot of “oh no’s” we finally were ready to bring a recipe to our test oven and Jens!

Cydney and Inge with their first “pancake” that didn’t stick to the pan!

Gluten Friendly Vs Gluten Free

At this time our product is baked in the same facility as our Wheat Based Cones. We are not Gluten-Free Certified and at this time are using the term Gluten Friendly which is commonly used in the Restaurant Industry. This term refers to a product that is made without gluten but may contain traces due to the facility in which it is prepared in.